I do not make predictions like a conventional astrologer but I can definitely tell what the coming days, months or years hold for you according to consequences of your karma which I can read through the god-gifted sixth sense. I came to know about my developed intuition when I started getting feedback from many people. I use home-based spiritual methods for dealing with all kind of sufferings and problems.

Spirituality is related to soul and spiritual education is the knowledge of soul and the secrets of Almighty. This unique education system is ideal for the upliftment of the soul. It provides amazing spiritual happiness, and incredible salvation. It is blended with the present global phenomena for spiritual awakening. The education is not based on any religious teachings and ritual beliefs. Those who use the services can:

  • Avail of a unique method for achieving self consciousness and metaphysical skills
  • Know get spiritual answers which they will not get elsewhere
  • Can have access to a completely different kind of education that’s different from all other orthodox teachings and ritual beliefs
  • Improve karmas which are incorrectly performed because of superstitions

This Spiritual Education is highly recommended for those who wish to:

  • Gain insight into self, human development and spirituality
  • Address the meaning and purpose of life
  • Develop a greater sense of awareness and reflectivity
  • Nurture a sense of wonder and appreciation for everyday lived experience
  • Be stimulated and challenged by contemporary thinking in spirituality and human development

Karmalogist offers you a unique, logic-based spiritual knowledge because people are confused about things like sin-virtue, right-wrong primarily because of superstitions and stereotype beliefs which cause harm to the daily Karma.

Join the World’s only religion-free Spiritual Education and get benefits of this unique opportunity.

Mr. Vijay Batra – Karmalogist, Spiritual Teacher, Trainer and Healer has done deep and extensive research in spirituality. His work & knowledge has been appreciated by many renowned saints and intellectuals. He has done special programs on ‘Pragya TV Channel’.

There are many benefits that you can derive benefits from Dr. Batra’s unique workshop and personal/spiritual counseling. You can get the best guidance about personal, worldly or spiritual problems here. He helps overcome any obstacle of life and guide with effective form of counseling and spiritual remedies to eradicate problems.

Those interested in availing of this service can choose between one-to-one personal counseling and online counseling.

Vijay Batra offers the following services at his center:

  • Online counseling and Personal (1-To-1) Spiritual wisdom to attain salvation
  • Personal Counseling for all personal and relationship problems
  • Protection and removal of evil eye, curse, Spell casting, Black magic
Online and1-To-1 Services

This is a unique service which helps people understand how to attain self consciousness and the many benefits of metaphysics skill. Subscribers to the 1-to-1 services can get all the answers to various spiritual queries that they might have and for which they have not found the answers as yet despite searching for them everywhere. This service takes a different approach to understanding spirituality and is quite different from the conventional orthodox teachings and rituals that many people are exposed to from various elements of the society. The service also shows how to improve karma which is often performed erroneously due to belief in superstitions.


The protection service offered at the College of Spiritual Education is a solution designed to help you in resolving all your personal problems affected by Evil Eye, Spell-Casting, Black-Magic, Negative-Energies, Curse, Evil-Spirits, and Tantra-Mantra. The solutions are offered in the form of home-based spiritual methods that offer excellent relief from various kinds of sufferings. Protection service can be availed by individuals on a need basis from time to time. Sh. Batra also offers quality assistance in various aspects of life such as Relationships, Stress, Confusion, Distraction, Mistakes, Sins, Guilt, Fear and other problems.

Important Note: The workshop/training strictly does not promote or teach black magic or spell casting of any type. The whole objective of the program is to help those who have been affected by evil eye, evil spirit or black magic. Please do not contact if you intend to cast bad spells or perform black magic on anyone.