Spiritual Education by Vijay Batra Karmalogist


Spiritual Education by Karmalogist is not your ordinary and conventional education centre where information is often recycled to students without providing them the real meaning of what they are learning on a day to day basis. Generally, students learn everything by rote in the academic life but here, they get to learn about the real meaning of life and its purpose. The education provided here targets the soul and provides the basis for amazing spiritual awakening which can do wonders to various critical aspects of your life. For better impact, the education and knowledge offered here is in sync with the needs of the global audience. The knowledge provided is not confined to the narrow beliefs and teachings that are offered today by many in the name of spiritual education. Here, you will experience the inner awakening first-hand.


Spirituality is related to soul and Spiritual Education is the knowledge of Soul and the secrets of Almighty. Spiritual education system is for the upliftment of Soul, Spiritual happiness, and for Salvation. It is blended with the present global phenomena for Spiritual awakening. This is not based on any religious teachings and ritual beliefs.

It imparts divine knowledge that one cannot find in legendary and recognized books
It helps decipher the knowledge of Karma and the theories of karma
It explains the framework and working of spiritual world
It helps eradicate orthodox belief systems and promotes clear and logical thinking in daily life
Helps one to be spiritually active and guide others to be spiritually aware
This Spiritual Education is for those who wish to know more about self, development of humans and spirituality. The education helps understand the meaning and purpose of life better and promotes a greater sense of awareness and reflectivity. The education helps nurture a sense of wonder and appreciation for everyday lived experience. By attending the spiritual education course, you can get highly stimulated and challenged by contemporary thinking in spirituality and human development.
Topics Taught In Spiritual Education
Spirituality and Religion are both are different. Often people get confused about them as they are both being misused these days.
A soul bears many types of consequences of Karmas which people are eager to know about. This topic teaches about salvation and existence of the soul.
There are two types of energies in the world, Negative & Positive. People want to know the right use of energies to balance Karmas and to face its consequences.
People are unaware how to be happy and satisfied with what they have and how much attachment they should have to worldly things.
People are scared of problems and the adverse circumstances that they often face in life. They do not know how to deal with them spiritually.
People are confused about things like virtue-sin, right-wrong. Superstitions and stereotype beliefs cause immense emotional harm to the Karma of people. They need the right knowledge to eradicate and counter such superstitions and beliefs.
It helps identify the difference between ordinary soul and Guru Soul and reality of spirits.

Avail of a unique method for achieving self-consciousness and metaphysical skills
Know get spiritual answers which they will not get elsewhere
Can have access to a completely different kind of education that’s different from all other orthodox teachings and ritual beliefs
Improve karmas which are incorrectly performed because of superstitions
This Spiritual Education is highly recommended for those who wish to:
Gain insight into self, human development and spirituality
Address the meaning and purpose of life
Develop a greater sense of awareness and reflectivity
Nurture a sense of wonder and appreciation for everyday lived experience
Be stimulated and challenged by contemporary thinking in spirituality and human development
Karmalogist offers you a unique, logic-based spiritual knowledge because people are confused about things like sin-virtue, right-wrong primarily because of superstitions and stereotype beliefs which cause harm to the daily Karma.

Spiritual practice is a very good way for spiritual growth, but, before practicing you must have the right wisdom to know if you will achieve your spiritual target through your practices. Spiritual practices are incomplete if you don’t have logic based wisdom of your spiritual queries. To get something different and unique you need to learn different from legendary books.
If you are doing same as others, you will also be confused like them in your spiritual journey because your available information is incomplete. You can experience invisible divine power only when you have complete academic knowledge and guidance to develop your abilities.
Earlier, there were many unanswered questions without satisfactory answers like :

  • Why some are born poor and some rich?
  • Why some are ugly and some beautiful?
  • Why some are healthy and some are born disabled?
  • Why some are suffering and some enjoying luxurious life?
  • Why humans suffer when everything is done by God?
  • Why some get no benefits of their hard-work and some get everything without doing anything?
  • Why some are happy with nothing and some sad with everything?
  • Why certain things are sin for some people not for everyone?
  • Why negativity works stronger than positivity? Etc.

But now, we have logical answers for all such questions except saying it’s all by chance. We have been observing that nothing is happening around just by chance. Maximum people of the world are confused about things like virtue-sin and right-wrong. Superstitions and stereotype beliefs cause immense emotional harm to the Karma of people. They need the right knowledge to eradicate and counter such superstitions and beliefs.
Karmalogist offers you an innovative learning called Karma and Spiritual education which will help you to improve daily Karmas which are incorrectly performed because of superstitions and old beliefs. Karma Education cannot be found in legendary and recognized books. This is quite different from other orthodox teachings and rituals and not available elsewhere.
Mr. Vijay Batra Karmalogist has been teaching Spiritual Education since many years, which gives logic based answers to questions that are considered unanswerable such as :

  • Religion and Spirituality
  • The theory of formless presence of God
  • Birth of Soul and Types of Souls
  • The working and types of Karmas. The factors affecting the consequences
  • Real Meaning of Salvation and technique to attain it
  • how to get rid of orthodox beliefs, fears, confusions etc.
  • Worldly problems and circumstances
  • Evil spirits and negativity
  • Vision to recognize sin-virtue and right wrong according to spirituality.
  • No religious knowledge required
  • No books/writings/ notes required
  • No orthodox teachings
  • No traditional Practices

Individual facility is also available.