Zero Learning

The College of Spiritual Education offers Zero Learning course that help people understand the secrets of the Almighty. The course covers methods of teaching that focuses on enlightenment and upliftment of the soul. The course aims to provide real and logical answers to the perpetually confusing questions that most people have about spirituality and the Almighty.

Karma Wellness

Karmas, when performed incorrectly or erroneously, can be wasted and the benefits that you deserve from your actions won’t accrue or come to you. Karmas are often wrongly performed because people still follow the age-old beliefs, customs and superstitions. By subscribing to the Karma Wellness course from the College of Spiritual Education, you can get your deserving benefits by doing Karma the right way. The unique form of education that the course offers in not available elsewhere and provides you with the right guidance and information in specific areas of your life such as personal relationships and in dealing with problems

Napoo Learning

Napoo Learning is a unique form of spiritual teaching developed at the College of Spiritual Education by Sh. Vijay Batra. It is used for keeping you protected from evil spells and curses of various types which are aimed at spreading negativity in your life. The Napoo Learning form of spiritual knowledge can help you deal with all such problems without having to lean on others for relief. The best part is that Napoo Learning is a course that’s easy to understand and use in various aspects of your life. It is an effective way of dealing with fear, depression, emotional issues and troubled personal relationships. It is truly a unique form of art developed by Sh. Batra to provide people succor from negative energy which often create major hurdles in the emotional and financial areas of life. Napoo Learning opens up the window to a peaceful, happy and stress-free existence.


We are happy to announce a golden opportunity to take franchise in New Delhi (required minimum area 600 sq.ft.) with low investment for the infrastructure. There is no requirement of any type of religion books. All teaching and course material will be provided by Karmalogist. As royalty, we take 50% of the total collection of fee. It has a reasonable Franchise fee & royalty – No recurring, Renewal charges, No hidden costs and No false promises.

As a College of Spiritual Education franchise owner, you are a part of the team that is focused on supporting your business with the best. We shall provide you Non-religion Spiritual Course. We are constantly Providing Classes and sessions with the best unique Spiritual concepts and have fine-tuned tools that you will need to ensure your success in the project. Some of the reasons to avail the franchise are :

  • India’s only non-religion Spiritual education system
  • Delhi’s No. 1 Spiritual Education Centre
  • A well established Brand Karmalogist by Vijay Batra
  • Extensive Online & Social Media Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, etc

We are also encouraging others to master their spiritual skill through college


  • A unique certified spiritual course
  • All knowledge of spiritual and occult world
  • Freedom from superstitions and ignorance
  • Freedom from fear & confusions of sin-virtue
  • Permanent protection from all evil negativities
  • Lifetime spiritual support for divine intelligence
  • Latest spiritual learning without legendary books
  • Distance learning and individual facility available