In this world everyone has some problems but those who have the skill to face the problems find the solution small and easy. Superstitions and beliefs cause problems that mislead people and their knowledge. Most people know the solutions for most of the problems but do not know which solutions are required to use. 99% of the problems can be solved by proper Counseling of a Mentor. Confusions, fear and stress can be tackled by a mere discussion.
Sh. Vijay Batra has been providing personal and online counseling and guidance in India and abroad since 2004. His guidance and training has helped thousands of confused and depressed people. His mission of eradicating superstitions and orthodox beliefs has benefitted them immensely.

Counseling by Karmalogist helps to know the symptoms and difference between Evil Eye, Black Magic, Spell Casting, Curse, Negativity and External or Internal effect of Bad Spirits. Napoo Counseling provides effective methods to eradicate invisible problems.

Karmas, when performed incorrectly or erroneously, can be wasted and the benefits that you deserve from your actions won’t accrue or come to you. Karmas are often wrongly performed because people still follow the age-old beliefs, customs and superstitions. Through Karma Counseling by Karmalogist you can get your deserving benefits by doing Karma the right way. The unique form of education that the course offers in not available elsewhere and provides you with the right guidance and information in specific areas of your life such as personal relationships and in dealing with problems

Counseling by Karmalogist Vijay Batra…

Spiritual Counseling : Spiritual Counseling is religion-less concept for logic based wisdom of all spiritual queries. It is to get and learn something different and unique from legendary books.

Karma Counseling : Karma Counseling is to eradicate all confusions about things like virtue-sin and right-wrong which cause immense emotional harm. It is to improve daily Karmas which are incorrectly performed because of old beliefs

Astro Counseling : Astro Counseling is to escape from all superstitions related to astrology and illogical belief of planets. It shows right path with logical methods to save time, money and energy which people spend unnecessarily because of misguidance.

Personal Counseling : Personal Counseling is for self-discovery and growth. It is to increase self-confidence, improve relationships, solve problems and make good decisions for emotional, intellectual, physical well-being.

Napoo Counseling : Napoo Counseling is to eradicate ill effects of Evil-Eye, Spell-Casting, Curse, Evil Spirit and all types of Negative Energies according to the current suffering. This is not based on orthodox methods.

Remedy Counseling : Remedy Counseling is to explain logical effects of every remedy which is used in daily life in the form of worships, donations, rituals etc.

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