About Me

My name is Vijay Batra and I call myself a Karmalogist. I am the founder of ShunyaPanth, a spiritual community and also the chairman of the College of Spiritual Education. I am currently the secretary of the Serve and Care Charitable Society.

In my role as a Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Mentor, I have helped spread awareness at various levels of society about the orthodox belief systems and superstitions. My many years of experience in this field and the knowledge gained through extensive research conducted in spirituality have helped me in enlightening today’s generation and dispelling various popular myths.

I started developing a keen interest in spiritualism at the very young age of 9 years. Over the years, as I learnt and imbibed the various elements and dimensions of spiritualism, I started doing programs on public platforms such as places of worship and media channels. Many saints and intellectuals have appreciated my knowledge and understanding of spiritualism. The popular religious TV channel Pragya has telecast many of my programs in recent times.

I do deep research on the concepts I talk about and promote. You can find my numerous quotes on almost every media resource including electronic, print and social media such as YouTube. I have written numerous books like: From Zero to Salvation, Wisdom Through Quotes, PretGyan, Guru, Nirakaar se Moksh Tak, Prem Swarth Hai, Aisa Kyon Hota Hai, RahasyaGyaan, Moksh ka Rahasya, AndhVishvaas aur Aadhyatm etc. some are available online.

I am writer of शून्यसंहिता – ShunyaPanth is representative of the Almighty is a formless or Shunya manner. ShunyaSanhita is an attempt to do away with the various orthodox beliefs and superstitions that adversely affect the thinking processes of people.
My video about scientific explanation of existence of the Soul is available on YouTube.
I have been providing online and personal counseling to people who are misguided by superstitions and orthodox beliefs since 2004. I help them find the right answers and solutions to worldly and spiritual problems. My rational and accurate advice has helped thousands of people in India and abroad.

My Objective
I am committed to selfless action and want to give back to community.
I am passionate about teaching Karma and sharing its many benefits. By imparting knowledge about Karma to my disciples and followers, I want to enhance the quality of life of people in our community.
My Mission
My mission is to share knowledge about every spiritual subject and enhance the living standards of people in terms of spiritual awakening.
I want to build a community that encourages selfless action through sharing the knowledge of Karma.
I am working tirelessly to achieve my mission of opening Spiritual Centers in major cities around the world so that I can share this inward revolution of selfless giving.
My Video Film
From Zero to Salvation is an extremely gripping film that captures my spiritual journey and showcases my extensive research about mystery of universe. I have tried to unravel the logical secrets of almighty in this film in a format and language that will be easy for everyone to understand.
videos: Click here for videos
My Counseling Areas
Karma Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, Astro Counseling, Personal Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Emotional Counseling, Life Counseling, Confusion Counseling, Symptoms Counseling, Superstitions Counseling, Fear Counseling, Dreams Counseling, Evil Eye Counseling, etc.
I am the founder of the Serve And Care Charitable Society. It was established in the year 2009 and works for the well-being of the under privileged and the elderly in New Delhi, INDIA.
My College
The college is committed to imparting spiritual education that helps create a religion-free world. The college comes to the aid of those who feel confused, depressed or scared.

I do not make predictions like a conventional astrologer but I can definitely tell what the coming days, months or years hold for you according to consequences of your karma which I can read through the god-gifted sixth sense. I came to know about my developed intuition when I started getting feedback from many people. I use home-based spiritual methods for dealing with all kind of sufferings and problems.
My work & knowledge has been appreciated by many renowned saints and intellectuals. I have done special programs on ‘Pragya TV Channel’. There are many benefits that you can derive benefits from my unique workshop and personal or spiritual counseling. You can get the best guidance about personal, worldly or spiritual problems here. I helps overcome any obstacle of life and guide with effective form of counseling and spiritual remedies to eradicate problems.
Those interested in availing of this service can choose between one-to-one personal counseling and online counseling.
Online counseling and Personal (1-To-1) Spiritual wisdom to attain salvation
Personal Counseling for all personal and relationship problems
Protection and removal of evil eye, curse, Spell casting, Black magic
This is a unique service which helps people understand how to attain self-consciousness and the many benefits of metaphysics skill. Subscribers to the 1-to-1 services can get all the answers to various spiritual queries that they might have and for which they have not found the answers as yet despite searching for them everywhere. This service takes a different approach to understanding spirituality and is quite different from the conventional orthodox teachings and rituals that many people are exposed to from various elements of the society. The service also shows how to improve karma which is often performed erroneously due to belief in superstitions.